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For as long as I can remember I have an innate ability on technological tools, no matter how difficult it seemed I always found a way to learn any system, console or video game.  When I was 13 years old I was interested in the Hacking culture, it is to this day and I admire it, to such an extent that I am Certified Ethical Hacking Specialist.

This section lists some of the positions in which I have formally applied, independently and in prestigious organizations. I have also worked in my own business, gaining experience and learning with the "Learning by Doing" methodology.


Digital Consultant

Since 2019 I decided to offer my services in Digital Marketing and Web Development, I worked with several companies that during the collaboration process I was still constantly learning, I obtained certifications in Cybersecurity and with that I could form a solid foundation to be an Advisor, since 2020 I have collaborated with entrepreneurs, companies and startups from different items, today I continue giving advice and mentoring from my main project Mentoring Media, understanding that remote work is an indispensable tool and mechanism in creative and multidisciplinary teams.

Social Center
Tío Antonio


Founder of the Technology Department and its infrastructure in the organization, as well as cybersecurity advisor, leader of technology projects that are carried out in the different projects that belong to Tioantonio.org: Hammock Workshop & Smiles Coffee

Mentoring Media

Founder & CEO

Mentoring Media is a multidisciplinary Creative Digital Agency, formed by Business Innovation, Web Development, Digital Marketing and Graphic Design Mentors. We help companies to create their own voice, fresh and different.

We were born out of a desire to create Meaningful and Humanized Companies  for startups and brands. As technology and innovation advance, Mentoring Media adapts to the ever-changing digital landscape....